Once the month of December arrives, the clock begins to count down towards the arrival of Christmas. The first thing that goes through people’s minds is decorating their apartments for the Christmas season. It is this time when most people look for a way to transform their department. For all homeowners, decor is important as it brings the place to life during the holidays, even if space is tight. Therefore, we will share some decoration ideas that will transform our department, using the Christmas spirit.

Choosing the right Christmas tree
Currently there is a wide variety of versions, models, sizes of Christmas trees, so that living in an apartment is no excuse for not having one. To choose the most appropriate one, it is advisable to measure the space where we plan to place the tree, so that it is not too large for the space and does not take up much space.
Decorating tips
  • Choose a Christmas theme: There is a wide variety to choose from, such as Christmas Snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas Toy Country, Christmas Town, Vintage Christmas, among other ideas.
  • Create a color scheme for each room. It can be red and green or silver. The white and blue color simply makes the room look coherent.
  • The best places to place the lights are around the tree, the door frame, and the windows. If the apartment has balconies, you can place lights around it and run the cable under the door.
  • Placing small Christmas decorations on the windows.
  • Always have something sweet in the department. Place a container of m & ms, Christmas cookies in the apartment for the family or guests to taste.
  • Put out the fights, let the Christmas lights and candles light up the room.
  • Play Christmas music, dust off Christmas records, and let ambient music into the home.
The only recommendation is not to make the spaces look overloaded, but to try to distribute in a good way.
  • Keep the Christmas tree away from hot sources that can cause fire such as radiators, candles, hot air intakes or lights.
  • Ensure that the tree does not block pedestrian traffic or exits, as they can easily fall and block the entrances to a room or the main exit.
  • Keeping children and pets safe at Christmas. To do this, do not place sharp or fragile ornaments close to the floor or within easy reach.
  • Ensure that all smoke detectors in the department are working properly.
Don’t forget to follow these tips and guidelines to fully and safely enjoy the holiday season.