JANUARY 18, 2021

A brand new year is finally here! After a strange 2020, it’s time to make the most of 2021! Make 2021 all about creating a productive, organized, and low-stress life with some simple changes.

Wash Your Dishes After Eating

There’s no use denying it. The moment we put the dirty dishes in the sink, it’s like they become invisible. Maybe we just tell our roommates that they “need to soak.”
Make one of your New Year’s resolutions all about kitchen tidiness. It all starts with your sink. Squeaky clean dishes also mean fewer crumbs that attract bugs and other unwelcome pests.

Schedule Your Chores

It’s tougher to finish your list of chores if you don’t schedule them. Set aside an hour on a specific day every week. Use that time to tackle your apartment chores with vigor.
You can also turn it into a competition with a roommate. Try to see who finishes the most tasks during that hour. Make the prize taking a night off from cooking dinner or getting a free round of drinks at the local pub.

Organize Your Food

No one talks about organizing your food as a valuable apartment living tip. However, it can save you time, money, and frustration. Remove food from open boxes and bags. Then, organize them into sealed containers. This technique keeps all your food highly visible and as fresh as possible.
Next, scrub down the interiors of your fridge and cupboards. Line the pantry with shelving paper. That’ll help keep your food area looking and smelling fresh.

Throw Away Everything That’s Expired

Attacking your pantry and fridge is the perfect time to throw out expired food. However, there’s still more to do for your New Year’s resolutions list.
Medication, makeup, and even car seats all have expiration dates. Make sure to check on those things and toss or recycle any if need be.
You should even toss items that don’t technically have an expiration date. One example is pillows over three years old that are just inviting dust mites to stay.

Budgeting is important

You don’t have to be a spreadsheet wizard to be able to create a good budget for yourself. The tough part is sticking to it. It’s okay to allow yourself some space within your monthly budget for doing the things you like to do. Start with laying out all of your monthly bill payments and seeing how much of your monthly income it eats up in total. From there, evaluate how much you think you spend and how much you should be spending on things such as groceries, gas, entertainment, and miscellaneous things in a month. Check and update your budget every day to make sure you are staying on track with the limits you set for yourself.

Plan Ahead & Meal Prep

Looking for both a cost-effective and healthy alternative to the way you grocery shop or eat out? Look no further than meal prepping. By purchasing simple and key ingredients in bulk that can be used to make a simple, healthy, and tasty variety of meal options, you are treating yourself to extra savings and a healthier lifestyle. We all want that in 2021! The key to being good at meal prepping is mapping out a consistent time each week or weekend where you can set aside two hours to actually do the prepping. Your body and wallet will appreciate you sacrificing that time.

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