After buying an apartment, the first thing we look for is to decorate it to reflect our tastes and personality. Most of us try to find furniture that is attractive or a current color that matches the decor; However, the only factor that can really make a difference is lighting both naturally and artificially.

Light is one of the most important aspects when decorating an apartment. Today we will show you its impact on yours.

1. Benefits of Natural Light:
When was the last time you felt comfortable and happy in a lightless environment? Natural lighting is necessary for the proper development of people. First, on a physical level, the sun is a great natural source of vitamin D for the body and also stimulates your defenses.
In addition, natural light can eliminate bacteria that thrive in damp and dark spaces. On the other hand, on a mental level, a well-lit environment is a great help in reducing stress and maintaining a positive mind. This creates a tone of vitality that you cannot replicate artificially.
2. Broader Spaces:
When it comes to decorating small apartments, it is important that you allow plenty of natural light into the day. This will expand the feeling of spaciousness in your home. Similarly, during the night you must include multiple sources of lighting to prevent dark areas from reducing visible home space.
3. The Right Curtains:
In many cases, the problem is not to find sources of lighting, but to find a way to effectively bathe your rooms. Then, to start, take a look at your current curtain set and examine its material. Bulky, thick or multi-layered fabrics usually take up a lot of space and make it difficult for light to enter your environments.
Instead, consider installing curtains with lighter fabrics when decorating your apartment. For example, curtains that fold up like blinds or roller options can be very useful. There are also many alternatives that have the ability to adjust the level of light that they let through even when closed.
4. The Arrangement of Furniture:
Usually, we have about 12 hours of natural lighting every day. So, in order to take advantage of it properly, it is necessary to accommodate your furniture and decorative objects to get the most out of it. Prevent your furniture from being in the light entrances. You need it to flow through your environments without impediment to avoid pronounced shadows.
When determining the position of your furniture, take into account the orientation of your apartment in relation to the position of the sun when going out and hiding, as this will have an effect on. If you get direct natural lighting in the morning, it is better to have thick drapery that allows a deeper sleep in the morning.