While a smaller room means less space for furniture, this can easily be fixed through decoration.

In the following article we offer you some tips that will help you make the most of the space in your living room.

1. Take advantage of the light
In general, lighting plays a leading role when it comes to decorating the room. However, when it comes to small places, it becomes even more important. For what is this? Well, a darkened room lets the shadows hide a lot of the available space. As a result, it feels even smaller.

Therefore, you must allow lighting to enter through the windows. So if the apartment you like is small, but has access to plenty of natural light, you’ve won the lottery. You can complement this with light curtains that do not obstruct the light.

Now, if your apartment does not have large windows or access to the sun, it is possible to get a lot of benefit from artificial light. To the classic spotlights on the ceiling, you can add other additional dimensions such as floor and table lamps, pendant spotlights, accent spotlights for decoration, etc.
2. Don’t be afraid of color
Another idea for a small room is not to use too wide a color palette. Otherwise, your space, which is not very spacious in itself, will feel cluttered. As you can imagine, light colors are the best alternative, as they reflect light. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should paint the entire space in one color. You can include two or up to three shades within the same room. Within them, you have to select one that will be the base and will dominate the room.
3. Try to keep everything in order
This is the aspect you should look for in the living room of your apartment: cleanliness and order with neutral colors and minimalist furniture. Despite being classy, ​​it is quite underrated by many. While it’s not flashy, it’s also not boring and leaves plenty of room for you to add some personal touches.
4. Don’t be afraid to buy a large sofa
Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t have a big sofa. Choosing one of a light color and simple lines, in addition to keeping the number of furniture to a minimum, is the key to making a large sofa work within the decoration of a small room.
5. Maximize storage
If the living room in your new apartment is relatively small, you must have realized that you have little or no space to store some things. To solve this problem, you need to buy furniture that goes from the floor to the ceiling.

In this way, you can take advantage of the space vertically. Coffee tables, side tables and ottomans with internal storage space are also useful, since they will help to double the capacity you had in the beginning.
6. Stay away from the most basic decorations
In a small room, it is quite typical to believe that gluing the furniture to the walls will give you more space, which is totally wrong, since it makes everything look more bulky and cluttered.

This may take you out of your comfort zone and you’re afraid to do it, but the best thing to do is move furniture away from the walls and add a coffee table, shelf, or storage behind the sofa. Glass tables also work in small rooms and give the illusion of more space.