If you are looking for apartments because you want to move, you should consider whether you want to live in a high, medium or low floor. Remember that before buying a property there are many aspects that you have to analyze and among them is which floor is best for you and your lifestyle.
We have prepared a list of the utilities of each area of ​​a building in terms of height so you can choose where to live when buying an apartment.

Advantages of having apartments on the top floor:
If you have doubts about where to live, but you are evaluating the possibility of moving to a high condominium, we mention the highlights of obtaining an apartment on the upper floor:
*Better control of pests and animals
Those who live on the top floor of a building will have better control of insects or animals. Depending on the height of the apartment, it is very likely that most flying insects cannot climb so high, and as for animals, most He won’t bother climbing a building.
*Noise reduction
If having a quiet and quiet home is important to you, you may prefer to purchase your apartment on the top floor. You will perceive much less noise from the neighbors, taking into account that there will be no one above you. In addition, as long as the building has more than three floors, you will have less street noise.
*Lower heating costs
Everyone knows that hot air rises. If you have ever lived in a house with more than one floor, or in an apartment on the top floor, you have probably noticed that the higher you are in the building, the hotter it is. This is ideal for keeping winter heating costs low, especially if you live in a cold area.
*Best view
Many people like to have a beautiful view, something that is usually achieved in the higher areas.
Benefits of investing in apartments located on the ground floor:
Properties located on lower floors are highly valued for their ease of access. Below are some other features:
*There are no neighbors downstairs
Since no one will live under you, you won’t have to worry about making less noise when you move or when you need to roll some furniture. You can dance if you want, and your children can crawl on the ground without disturbing the neighbors.
*Entering things to your home is easier
Taking anything to your apartment will be much easier if you live downstairs. If you have a lot of heavy furniture, it is worth considering investing in an apartment located on the lower level.
Think about moving day and you will realize that it is the best option.
*Faster exit
In case there is an emergency, you will have a much faster exit living on the ground floor. This is also good for saving time when you rush to work in the morning. In fact, the trips of people by elevator last minutes in high-rise buildings during the “rush hour”.
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