The emergence of COVID-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down. As the number of people infected continues to rise, it becomes clear that we have to be very strict with cleaning procedures not just in your new apartment, but throughout the building. This implies both disinfection of environments and habits in common spaces.

This is an important matter. That is why we offer you some cleaning tips for you to apply in the spaces near your apartment.

1. Disinfect Spaces Daily
COVID-19 is highly contagious. This is partly because the virus can remain in the environment for hours in various materials. In fact, getting it due to contact with a contaminated surface is the main way to get it.
Because of this, one of the best ways to prevent it is to disinfect and clean shared spaces in the building at least twice a day. That includes:
Busy areas: swimming pools, laundries, gyms, entrance lobby and, especially, the elevators. High contact areas: counters, tables, door handles, railings, buttons, etc.

Here are some tips to properly disinfect those surfaces:
– Before you start cleaning, you need to put on disposable rubber gloves and discard them after using them.
– If you notice that any surface is dirty, first clean it with soap or detergent and water.
– Then, to disinfect it, you have several options: homemade bleach, 70% alcohol or homemade disinfectants that specify that they can eliminate the Coronavirus effectively. Remember to never mix bleach and ammonia.

You can make a bleach solution by mixing 1/3 cup of bleach with a gallon of water.
2. Limit the use of Common Areas
You can promote social distancing within the building by limiting the use of shared spaces. Without a doubt, this is a decision that you must make together with the rest of the owners. Here are some of the suggested measures:

– Limit the hours when common areas are open.
– Reduce the capacity within those spaces by 50% of its regular use.
– It promotes hygiene by making products like alcohol-based cleaners and disinfectant cloths accessible to others.
– Some of these nonessential areas will need to be completely closed until the danger passes, such as the pool or gym.

Unfortunately, this disease can spread despite our best cleaning efforts, so it is best to take all possible preventive measures.
3. Maintain a Communication Protocol
Both the owners and the people who work in the building must follow a security protocol when communicating on the premises. This must be applied especially by the people who attend the lobby or are in charge of cleaning. Some of the standards should include:

– No more handshake greetings. Suggest other types of greetings such as waving your hand.
– Conversations within common spaces should take place two meters away and through the use of masks.
– Avoid touching your face with your hands and always cover your arm or elbow when sneezing or coughing.
– Handwashing should be done constantly and not just when entering the apartments.
– The communication channel between the lobby or maintenance services and the owners must be managed by phone.
4. Cancel the Events in the Building
Other owners may have scheduled events to take place in advance in one of the common areas. If these have not already been canceled by themselves, it is necessary to promote their postponement. The ideal would be to organize a meeting and agree among all that social activities in common areas are postponed.

Instead of face-to-face meetings that bring large groups of people together in one place, she suggests other ways to keep in touch. At this point, apps like Zoom, or video calling features on Facebook or Whatsapp can help a lot.

Since we have to live in such a particular context, it is our duty not only to worry about maintaining a healthy home, but also for the well-being of the people around us. Constant disinfection, social distance and a positive attitude will make a difference.