Why do we show up to work every day?

In one word, people.

We genuinely believe that working alongside good people, to help other good people, is the catalyst behind our success. Job descriptions and policies help us avoid some chaos, but the heart of each person here fuels our mission to change the way people find apartments.

Watch the video to see how our team feels about our team, then scroll down to the open positions if you’re interested in joining us.

Say no to corporate

Being successful here has nothing to do with wearing a suit, eating lunch at your desk or being the last one to leave the office. While that is somewhat admirable, we’re humans, not robots, and burnout doesn’t make rockstar employees.

Smart City’s definition of success is about: Setting challenging goals and working harder, smarter and more passionately to crush them. Creating better ways to help people find apartments that they love. Pioneering and disrupting the real estate industry. Being a good person, and bettering the people around you too.

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