FEBRUARY 19, 2021

As temperatures continue to drop and the days are sprinkled with rain and snow, it’s the perfect time to cozy up and stay warm indoors. But what happens if there’s a power outage or the heater breaks? How do you keep warm with no power?

Well, there are plenty of easy ways to prepare for scenarios when you’ll have limited or no access to heat. Prepare your apartment this winter and make sure you have everything you’ll need to stay warm with no power.

1. Wood-burning fireplace

If you live in an apartment that has a wood-burning fireplace, you can collect your firewood, light a match and start a toasty fire to keep warm.
However, not all apartments have or even allow wood-burning fires due to fire hazards. If that’s not a feasible option, don’t worry! There are other options that don’t require flames to stay warm.

2. Blankets

Blankets are great for cuddling during movie nights, but they also serve a tactical purpose and can help keep you warm with no power. Before you find yourself in a scenario with no heat, ensure you have enough thick, warm blankets for everyone in the house. When you have no access to heat, you can layer on the blankets and stay warm. Even if you have plenty of blankets, sometimes that still won’t cut it. It may be time to pull out your sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are designed for cold temperatures when camping outside, so they’re going to provide more heat and warmth than a regular couch throw.

3. Layer clothing

Similar to layering blankets, you can layer the clothing you wear to keep warm with no heat. Make sure everyone in the home has access to a warm coat, gloves, scarves and socks. Adding layers can keep you toasty and warm, even with limited access to heat.

4. Open and close curtains

Sometimes, the sun will come out and it’ll be a mild and pleasant day. During the day, open up the blinds to allow natural sunlight and heat to enter the apartment. However, you’ll want to make sure to draw the blinds and curtains at night to add a layer of protection between the outdoors, the windows and inside. Closing the curtains can help prevent icy drafts.
Speaking of drafts, make sure to weatherproof any windows that may be letting in a breeze. You can also put towels or blankets by the bottom of the door to prevent cold, unwanted air from creeping in.

5. Hand and feet warmers

These aren’t just for staying warm when skiing and ice skating. Keep a collection of hand and feet warmers in a spare drawer to access when you need to stay warm. These can immediately warm up your body, keeping you warm with no heat.

6. Battery-operated space heaters

Space heaters usually run on electricity, but some brands make space heaters that are battery-operated. When you find yourself in a scenario with no heat, you can pull out an emergency space heater that can keep you from freezing.

7. Close doors to unused rooms

Closed and confined spaces tend to heat up quickly. When you need to keep warm in your apartment, make sure you close doors to all the rooms you won’t be using. For instance, close the door to the bathroom and huddle up in your bedroom or living room, closing the doors behind you. This can help you stay warm when you can’t turn on the heat or fireplace.

Always be prepared

You never know when you’re going to find yourself without access to heat. It’s important to think ahead, especially in the winter months. Make sure your apartment has all of the necessary products you’d need in case of an emergency. Having these items in your apartment can help you keep warm with no heat.

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