The thrill of undertaking to furnish everything to your own taste and style, can lead to buying things you don’t need before the basic things that you will before you get settel, spending more money than budgeted; but don’t worry, we are here to guide you! The key is not to despair if you are not fully equipped from day one, a good option is that you can go slowly looking for what is necessary for you. Below, we present a series of essential things you have to have for your new home. Pay attention!

1. Kitchen Essentials
For starters, let’s cover what you need to eat.
– Plates
– Glasses
– Bowls
– Coffee mugs
– Knifes
– Microwave
– Trash can & bags
– Sponges
– Dish soap
– Napkins
– Paper towels
2. Bathroom Essentials
– Shower curtain
– Curtain rod + hanging rings
– Hand soap
– Toothbrush holder
– Toilet paper
– Toilet brush
– Trash can + bags, towels – be sure to get enough for any guests who stay with you.
3. Bedroom Essentials
– Pillows
– sheet sets
– Lamp
– Trash can
– Laundry hamper
– Curtains
4. Technology Essentials
– Modem
– Router
– Smart thermostat
– Ethernet cables
5. Lightning Essentials
Does the room get plenty of natural light all day? If not, you might need to consider some lighting that will brighten the room up during the day. Recessed lighting in the ceiling? If not, you’ll need something bigger to keep things well lit once the sun goes down. And it’s always good to have a few table lamps to keep things cozy at night.
6. Closet Essentials
– Hangers
– Door hocks
– Door mirrors
– Shoe rack
– Drawer organizers
7. First Aid kit
Accidents happen when moving. You don’t need to be fancy, but it helps to have some basics on hand when you’re moving in.