We all know how stressful is to move out, between everything you have to pack, between the things you have to do along with the moving: working, taking your kids to school, studying for a test, etc, it becomes chaotic, we know! Which is why we wanted to give you 5 tips to make your moving day easier, let’s begin!

1. Start Packing Earlier
Many times we have the feeling that we are forgetting something in a random day before going to work, this feeling gets worst when we are moving out, which is why we recommend you to do it before anything else so that you will know which things you will need for your new place, besides, you probably won’t longer need some of your stuff and it will be a great opportunity to make clothes donations, garage sale, etc! You will save the fair of missing something and you will do a good thing for others by giving them the stuff you completely forgot you have at home. Once you start packing, label two sides of each box so you can easily identify what’s in each box. This will also ensure you can read the labels even if boxes are stacked on top of each other. Don’t forget to warp the fragile things so they won’t broke and of course label them too with bigger writing.

2. Consider To Hire Movers
Before you do that, you may consider your budget, but it is always better to have someone to help you do all the heavy lifting, they will always do it faster because they do this every day and they have their own mechanism, they will save you time, they will be careful and they will help you unpack faster too because you can give them the directions for where each furniture goes in your new apartment.

3. Make Sure You Have Renters Insurance
Renters insurance protects your belongings in case of theft, fires, water damage, etc. It will cover you up to a certain dollar amount to cover any damage done to your belongings. You can have this protection for a low monthly cost. If you already have renters insurance for your current apartment, all you need to do is call your renters insurance agent. He or she will walk you through updating your plan for the new address and let you know if there’s a price change.

4. Clean Your Current Apartment
Even though sometimes landlords have a professional cleaning service clean your unit once you move out, it’s still helpful to clean your place before you leave. Making sure that everything looks great before handing the keys back to your landlord, it says a lot about the kind of renter you are and it helps ensure that you’ll get your full security deposit back.

5. Get Cleanning Suplies For Your New Apartment
Cleaning supplies are essential to any first apartment checklist. As you move in, you may find spots the previous tenants overlooked. Make sure your cleaning supplies are in easy reach so that you can scrub those spots before the messiness of unpacking begins.

Now, all you have to do is enjoy your new apartment, beginnings are always excited!